Blank permission slips (again)

When I download the permission slips (for example, for event 5342463), the first page is filled in, but the other 38 are all blank.

In addition, I would love it if there were 2 download options… one for the full troop and one just for my Scout(s). It’s always annoying to have to download the full troop just to print the one page I actually need.

What’s not filled in? They all seem filled in for me.

yeah I wonder if you are not connected to all scouts - it is made for a leader to download ALL - not parents

No connection issues elsewhere in the system. And my son isn’t the one that shows on the first page.

But because I’m a Troop Admin but not a K3D, I have seen wonky permissions before with IA reports.

My understanding is that the permission slip button is there for everyone. Most parents just get the slip for their scout to print and turn in. My issue is that I only ever need the one for mine.

Oh, wait. I just opened the doc in Preview and now I see that they’re all filled in. However, when I open the Doc in Acrobat Pro, only the first page is filled in, and the rest are totally blank.


We have passed this on to the developers.

As we were investigating, I discovered you had 2 Scoutbook accounts and 2 IDs. I have merged your accounts to prevent future issues. Continue using the ID you logged in with today.

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