How to Add Administrators and Committee Members

The person who is listed as our Scoutbook Administrator is no longer active in the troop. We have a new Advancement Chair. Also, we have about 20 committee members and even scout master who’s addition to Scoutbook says “Pending.” What needs to be done to finalize these additions?

Your Key 3 (Scoutmaster, Charter Org Rep and Committee Chair) are automatically unit admins in Scoutbook. An advancement chair if listed in Organization Security Manager in is also a unit admin in Scoutbook (takes about 24 hours to sync once set in Any of these folks can log in to Scoutbook using their ID and password. Once they log in the first time, they will no longer be listed as pending.

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How do we add more admins. For example we have two assistant scout master. Also, if our advancement chair is not listed in Organization Security Manger how do we add her there?

I apologize but I’m not seeing an Organization Security Manager tab. I see the notification about it but not the actual tab or icon itself. Is this something only visible to the current administrator?

Any unit admin can make another leader a unit admin in Scoutbook by going to the leader’s page on the unit roster, clicking on the Positions tab then +Add.

In go to Menu → Organization Manager → Position Manager then click on Functional Roles. They renamed the link since the last time I looked at it. The old name was Organization Security Manager.

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