No admin access to troop

With the whole mess of my troop disappearing on march 1, and getting recharter fixed and the troop back, I am no longer showing on my troop leadership. Its correct in myscouting but not on scoutbook. I am the committee chair and advancement chair and should be key 3, which is all correct on the myscouting side and internet advancement, but I can not access any admin features on scoutbook.
SB id - 11682754
BSA id - 13731882

You shouldn’t need the Key 3 Delegate or Advancement Chair functional roles if you are currently registered as the Committee Chair. The latter position includes all of the permissions delegated to the other two.

When you’re in Scoutbook, can you edit your Committee Chair role? You should be able to open and re-save it, which should (I think) reset your permissions. Something similar happens from time-to-time on my Unit Admin role, and that usually fixes it.

@CharleyHamilton I cant do anything other than general parent stuff for my scout. I am not showing on the leaders of the troop at all on scout book. Its all correct on the myscouting side. I show as committee chair and can access trainings and the roster. But on scoutbook, I can not access any of my troop. I see them, but can not click on any. I also can not click on any of my “former” roles. The only ones showing with a key function in my troop are the COR and SM, both of whom dont use scoutbook to know how to do any of it for me.
I did reach out to my council rep, but have not heard back. So I decided to post here to see if it can be fixed this way.

@MistyHamilton I setup a positions sync - it will take up to 24 hours


@DonovanMcNeil thank you! Hopefully it works!

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