How to change Expiration Date for New leaders

I’m reporting an issue with My.Scouting.

  1. Operating system: MyScouting
  2. Member ID 14731521 & Golden Empire Council 047

I signed up for a leader position on July 11, 2023, and it was approved, I paid full price, but my expiration date is 12/31/23.
Other adults in my Pack also signed up in July and early August of 2023 but their expiration date is a year from the date they signed up for a leadership position.

This inconsistency resulting from the upcoming registration changes to do not make me wish to renew my leadership position. The best solution is to fix my expiration date, so it replicates the other adults that are new in their leadership position. Who should I contact to request this change?

You would probably get the most traction by reaching out to your council. I’d see if your Unit Commissioner or one of your unit leaders can connect you to the District Exec, who might be able to point you at the correct person in your council hierarchy (likely your registrar).

@AbigaelHernandez - please also note that the membership subscription changes went into effect August 1. So depending upon when the applications were processed at council they would either be the prorated membership from say 1 July to 31 December or after 1 August they woukd expire at the end of july 2024.

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If you paid for a full year, you will need to speak with your Council as your membership currently expires on 12/31/23.