Way to handle annual renewals

With BSA switching from pro-rating to everyone having an anniversary date, how are you planning on handling that?

For existing Scouts, we’ve got a few months to figure it out. And new Scouts won’t need to be renewed until next August. At least that’s a year from when the new policy went into effect.

But right now there’s not a “membership expiration date” that I can use for the treasurer. I can get join date on one report and dues owed on a different one but I really would like to have join date, expiration date, and dues owed on one report.

@JamesDeibele - the memberships for our units expire 12/31 at the end of the charter year.

The Unit Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates can see the expiration dates for currently registered members in the official roster at my.scouting.

As far as unit-level execution, that’s probably straying into policy discussion, which the BSA doesn’t want us to have here. They want us to aim people at their local council for answers on policy issues.

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Just an FYI -

BSA’s registration software doesn’t track days, rather, it tracks months.

If you join anytime in October, you get credit for joining October 01. And your expiration is 12 months later, September 30.

So everyone who joins this month will expire at the same time, September 30 next year.

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