Membership Renewal With The New System - Confusion


My family is getting a notice on that our “Membership for [Insert Name Here] is expiring soon, click here to renew” on the little red notification bell on the top right. Similar messages are seen in Internet Advancement, for myself, my wife, and our kids. When I click, it shows the following:

If that screenshot doesn’t work, it says the following:
Current Memberships

The following position(s) will be renewed, Select Remove Positions on those you do not want to renew.

Pack 0888F

Primary Position Committee Member
Current Expire Date: 12/31/2023
Future Expire Date: 12/31/2024

This is my old information, from before Recharter. My expiration date according to our roster is 12/31/2024, and my Primary Position is now Webelos Den Leader, not Committee Member.

I’m worried our Pack families will be getting similar messages, which is going to cause mass confusion. I understand if BSA is trying to get everyone to input payment information for when the renewals happen, but right now it looks like I’m expired and need to pay for 2024, when that is not the case (our Pack paid for all returning members at recharter).

Any chance anyone here can help with this, or send up a flare to whoever manages this part of the system?

All comments need to be sent to your council registrar they are the primary reporters to IT is what we have heard

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Just for clarification, are you saying we should no longer report issues here or you just believe this situation is related to council registrar?

I’m having the same issue. When I logged into Internet Advancement, I received an alert for my son. He would never expire on 12-31-23 anyway because he joined in August under the new plan so he clearly isn’t expired and cannot be renewed. I was able to ignore the message and continue with no other indications of his “possible expiration”.

To get the notification to pop again so I could take this photo, I had to clear cache and start over which then resulted in me getting a notification as well. Internet Advancement is the only place this notification is showing so I’m not sure if I appear registered or not.

Since the message can be ignored and all other functions work as expected it seems more like a notification error within Internet Advancement and not a registrar issue.

BSA IT wants all Renewal reports to come through the registrars is all we were told

Just click CANCEL. IT is aware of it. It is related to the upcoming changes to renewal of membership.
Marian McQuaid
Spirit of Adventure Council