How to correct cub scout rank (incorrectly assigned as Lion)

Two of my cub scouts are listed in the wrong Rank. They are listed as Lion but are Tiger and Wolf. I am unable to change their rank, only their den assignment (which was correctly assigned, but I think they’re just “string” values so don’t affect actual rank assignment). I do not see any other way to correct their rank. We’re closing out the school year, they’ve just recently joined, but I want to update their rank requirements ASAP.

@PaulettaStiessberger - the system displays last rank earned. If they are in their respective den by age/grade then that is all that is needed.

They are in the Tiger Den - but they do not have the Tiger rank to begin with - they work toward that rank through the year

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They are not in the correct Den. They are both listed as being in the Lion den but one is in the Tiger Den and one is in the Wolf den. I cannot mark off their Tiger and Wolf rank requirements as completed, only Lion requirements (though they’re not Lions!)

They just joined, so they should be in the Tiger and Wolf dens, also according to their birthdays. But the system has put them both in the Lion den

The system marks them both as working on their Lion rank. One is working on her Wolf rank and the other on his Tiger, but I cannot mark off any of those requirements as completed. It only lets me mark off Lion requirements, so obviously they’re assigned incorrectly.


On the roster, click on Den in the header to sort the roster by den. Edit the tiger den and move the Tiger into the den then do the same with the wolf den.

@PaulettaStiessberger the easiest way to get help is a simple screenshare - here is an article on Packs

They are already in the correct Dens but the Rank that is marked that they are working for is incorrect. It only lets them complete Lion but they’re Tiger and Wolf

This is not the easy way for me.

@PaulettaStiessberger - I am willing to do a screen share as well as this may be a simple fix if we could see what you are seeing.

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