How to correctly enter parent expenses, refunds, and unit charges

Let’s say a parent leader pays for plane tickets on their personal credit card: $1000.

In the parent’s Scoutbook account, I can enter a “Credit from the Unit” entry for $1000. If the parent owes money to the troop (let’s say for upcoming high adventure trip), then we can call it even.

But how do I enter this as a Unit expense to where it shows up as the Unit having paid this?

It depends how you want to show it as paid. If you are reimbursing with a check, you can use the Edit Unit Payment Log and use Record a Payment Made By Unit.

Using Credit only shows on the member Payment Log. The Payment Logs are quirky that way - the SB team wanted to minimize transactions so if a transaction is between a unit and a member (charge or credit) it is only visible in the member’s unit log. However, in the Payment Log Reports, it is appropriately reflected.

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