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Scoutbook Payment Log

Good evening,
Our troop is trying to use the payment log feature of Scoutbook so that parents and the scout can keep track of their balance easily. The issue I am running into is in applying payments towards charges. It will not allow you to apply a payment towards more than one charge. For example a scout goes on 3 campouts at $25 each. Then does a fundraiser and earns $80. It will only let you apply the payment towards a single charge, not multiple.

Does anyone know a way around this other than breaking up the payments to match charges? I would like the entries to reflect what actually happened not be manipulated to make it cleaner.

Thanks in advance.

Payment Log is very basic. I recommend just using it for money in - money out. Don’t worry about applying charges to specific events or entries.

Yeah, I was using it as basic before was just getting tired of list building up.

I have used the notes field to to explain multiple entries for a single payment. This allows me to break up the payment into parts, yet still be able to see that it all came as a lump sum.

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