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Links in reminders

Please put a link to the actual event in event reminder emails.

I wonder how many people have accidentally unsubscribed when they were trying to get more information on the event. I know my first impulse is to click the link at the bottom.

I know a link is automatically added when the RSVP setting is toggled on. It’s not added for the generic reminders?

No. And there are things that are not Troop events for which setting an RSVP makes no sense.

Agreed. I don’t want people to have RSVP over exposure.

This is in the backlog. We do not know if or when the BSA will schedule it for implementation.


But if you subscribe to the ics, there is a link to each event.


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That doesn’t help in the slightest for the parents that aren’t tech-savvy enough to do so, and doesn’t even help me if I receive an email and am interested in seeing more details. Opening up my calendar, clicking on the event and opening the link is not really faster than just going to Scoutbook and finding the event.