Need to Correct RSVP Link to New Scoutbook Domain


I wish to notify the Scoutbook IT Team about the RSVP link that can be found in reminder emails sent from the calendar. The RSVP link that is found in the reminder emails still direct parents and scouts to I am hoping that the IT team can change it to the new domain that scoutbook is using now.

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Thanks for reporting this. I have notified the developers.

Any update on this? It’s kind of surprising that this was not part of the domain change plan.

It was a holiday weekend. We have not heard anything about fixing the errors that were caused by the URL change. I have asked the developers to search all of the code for the old domain.

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:white_check_mark: Our reminder emails are pointing to the new domain
:no_entry_sign: Links in subscribed calendars are still pointing to the old domain.

fyi @ScoutinginHI


Calendar subscriptions will need to be updated with the new URL. The links under Subscribe on the My Calendar page have been updated to point to


That corrected the subscribed calendar issue. Thank you @edavignon

It seems I may have spoken too soon on the email links being fixed. I received one today and the event name just brought me to the login after which I was not brought to the event page on the calendar like usual. I do also see that the links in the body are not updated. I’m including the raw version in case it helps.

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