How to create scoutbook account for scout without scoutbook access

Prior to the move of profile edits from scoutbook to, parents could go into scoutbook, edit the scout profile, and click the “invite” link to establish an account for their scout to access to scoutbook. What is the proper way under the new model for parents to do this same task with this function for editing profiles now redirecting to Is there anyway for the key 3 (or designee) to also perform this function (it was previously restricted to the parents of the scout),

As aways, thanks for the assistance!

The easiest way is to have a parent work with the Scout to create an account at my.scouting.

They need to try and connect with the Scout’s already existing BSA member number. (A new BSA member number might be created for the Scout if the Scout’s name and date of birth do not match exactly.)

Hi Jennifer, do you have any detail on this process? I have several parents that are trying to create accounts for their youth including our new Scribe and we can’f figure out how to get them into Scoutbook. It would be good if I could provide them some detail on how to do it.

Myst Account Setup.pdf (223.2 KB)


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