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Adding Scout Access to Existing Scoutbook Account

When my son crossed over in 5th grade, the Troop had us create a Scoutbook account. I did that using my personal e-mail address + a Scoutbook password. There have been few to no issues in the past couple of years.

From the very beginning, I have had access to edit and comment from a parents perspective, as well as track advancement and check the calendar.

From the very beginning, the troop leaders have had access to edit and comment and approve advancements, as you would expect.

I have just realized that my son does not have access to what is in effect his Scoutbook records.

** QUESTION – How do my son and I create his own access to this existing Scoutbook account so that he can review all of his activities, as well as his advancement status? What are the required steps? **

I look forward to any and all assistance. Thanks.

Go to his edit profile page and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click Invite [name] to connect.

Thanks Jacob. That turned out to be easy. I could have looked for an hour before I found that.

Thanks. That was easy.

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