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How to delete a service hour entered in error?

Well, it was a test, but still, I will make mistakes in the future.

I can’t seem to delete it.

This is a bug that has been identified. We are not exactly sure when it will be fixed. Right now, all you can do is make sure that no people are attached to the activity.

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I believe that this is true of any Activity type - service, camping, etc. (@JenniferOlinger please confirm)

@MattJohnson Until they make it so you can remove it, you may be able to repurpose the test service activity (rename it) as a meeting, campout, or other activity that was actually held. I also heard that some have had success going into the app to remove items …

Yes, you can rename it to a real activity as a workaround.

@MarkHenrichsen - my son was able to delete an entry via the scouting app.

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