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Removing "test" activities in IA2

I created a couple of test activities in the new activity reporting system. How do I delete them?

Chuck Olson

They are working on fixing this, but currently, test activities cannot be deleted. In the meantime and as a workaround, you can remove people from the activity, and you change all nights, hours, miles, etc. to zero. You can also rename the activity and use it for something else (an activity that has already happened or an upcoming one).

What is it about our development team that they cannot seem to understand that sometimes events get cancelled or that something that was planned doesn’t happen or that volunteers occasionally make a mistake or you test a new system with dummy events just to figure out how the program works before you try to explain it to the other adult leaders, scout, and parents?

This is the second time in recent memory that our IT team has created a program that doesn’t let you remove an event. one would think they would have learned from the furor that erupted over the Den Leader module. Instead, they have again rolled out a program that requires volunteers to do everything perfectly the same time. Why wasn’t this caught during Beta testing?



I tried your suggestion and changed the days and nights camped to “0.” However, when I hit Edit and Finish, the program restored the original settings.

This is what it looks like before I edit:

This is what it looks like after I use Advanced edit:

After I hit Edit & Finish, it looks like this, which is the same as when I started the process:

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