The guide to advancements says: The Scout Is Tested The unit leader authorizes those who may test and pass the Scout on rank requirements. They might include the patrol leader, the senior patrol leader, the unit leader, an assistant unit leader, or another Scout. Merit badge counselors teach and test Scouts on requirements for merit badges, but you can’t connect a youth leader with another scout in scoutbook. Will this change.

This has been requested before. I assume it is on the backlog.

To me, there were 2 major issues to facilitate Scout lead troops when we first started using Scoutbook. 1) Scouts couldn’t edit / mange their unit calendar and 2) Scouts can’t be authorized to sign off other Scouts.

In the 2.5 years, they have made many many improvements including fixing #1 above. So, I hope #2 will be fixed at some point as well.

Scouts can mark themselves complete, but not “leader approved”. One could have scouts mark themselves complete and put a note, I believe. Until then, we have Scouts that sign off fellow Scouts (they are required to be one rank above the rank the Scout is working on, so a 2nd class Scout, working on first, must have a star sign them off), use the paper book. The Scout then manually sync’s the 2. An adult then confirms.

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