How to import Excel into Scoutbook

We received an Excel spreadsheet with merit badges earned at Scout Camp. How do I import it into Scoutbook?

@JanetMathis - is this from black pug or 247scouting ?

No idea. It’s simply an Excel spreadsheet. I don’t even see a place on Scoutbook to import anything.

It only works if it is from Blackpug and you are using the Scoutbook Feature Extension for Chrome or Firefox

Is there a step-by-step guide for how to add this extension? I was under the impression from Tesomas Scout Camp that once we received the file, we’d simply have to upload it or import it into Scoutbook. It’s an .xlxs file.

I mistyped… it’s an .xlsx file

The instructions are in the various help docs for the extension linked from here: Feature Assistant - What is it?

ETA:. @DonovanMcNeil beat me to it, apparently. :^)

It only works as a .csv from the registration system (aka Black Pug). Who gave you the file?

Your camp, according to its website, uses Doubleknot. Doubleknot does not have a format that can be imported

Thank you all for your help. I guess I’ll have to input the merit badges myself. Does anyone know if there will eventually be a universal way for scout camps to either automatically input in Scoutbook or have a simple import button on Scoutbook?

All major third party companies have been offered the format - those that choose not to program it, that is their decision. Import is by no means simple.

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@JanetMathis - there are three major providers for council event management. Black pug, doubleknot and tentaroo. There is movement with tentaroo working on export but it x entirely up to doubleknot to configure its system.

On the plus side, if you have Edit Advancement permissions for all of the scouts, you can likely make quick work of it using the native Quick Entry interface in Scoutbook.

The quick entry is great for all the scouts who completed the entire badge. However, since they didn’t use blue cards this year, entering all the partial merit badges is going to take hours as I’ll need to go into each individual scout’s record and enter each requirement earned.

Thank you everyone for your help.

If you group them by badge, you can also do quick entry by merit badge requirements.

Each scout has completed different requirements. Some are the same, but some are not.

You can use Quick Entry for individual Scouts. Just select the single Scout.

I have done this many times. For anything earned at Camp, I just use the last date of camp or the last date of the MB session.

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