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Importing Merit Badges from Black Pug

Just returned from summer camp out of council. The council we went to uses Black Pug and gave me a sheet that has their website and username/password. I don’t see anything on their site that allows me to import to Scoutbook. Can anyone send me instructions on how to import the data from Black Pug into Scoutbook?

The import is a feature of the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox. See Importing Summer Camp Data from Black Pug Software for instructions.

Hi. The Black Pug import extension worked like a charm last year. Tried the same process yesterday after we got home from camp, using Chrome again, but this year, the import seemed spotty: it didn’t import the last 4 of 18 of our scouts’ MB partials or completions from Summer camp 2019. Couldn’t troubleshoot a reason why, or an easy way to fix that. Grateful for ideas. Thanks.

When I did the blackpug import this year alot was missing - when I looked at the file I saw why in some cases
Rifle - they renamed it so it did not match the SB database
Bird Study - no idea why this one failed.
and 2 or 3 others that failed.

I did the import and then went back and cleaned it up

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