Importing advancement to Scoutbook - file provided by scout camp

Our local camp provided a file to import into Scoutbook for our Troops advancement progress at camp. Previously we received a pile of paper so I was hopeful. Scoutbook will not accept the file and I’m looking for someone that can provide an example file of what the report should look like to work in Scoutbook. Any help is appreciated.

What was this exported from? You need the Scoutbook add-in to import BlackPug files.

I have no idea. We received a csv and after digging into it, i’m trying to just convert and/or rearrange that info into the proper pipe delimited format that scoutbook will import.

Unfortunately, the import file format is not published by BSA, except to cooperating software vendors who have arrangements with the BSA. I’d suggest reaching out to the camp to see what software they use to manage their advancement tracking. I forget which ones have an import/export arrangement with BSA, but as @Matt.Johnson noted, the Feature Assistant Extension can crank through the Black Pug exports and push the data up to Scoutbook. It’s not a true “file import”, as I understand it. Rather, it automates the process of “manually” inputting the data via the web interface.

Check out Feature Assistant Extension (adds features to Scoutbook) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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@SidneyHamby - if tentaroo or doubleknot then no import

@SidneyHamby what council? someone might know

Really, the website that you registered for camp should be enough to answer the question. If it’s, that’s Black Pug which works with the extension that others have mentioned.


@jacobfetzer & @DonovanMcNeil if we can find out the council i can report back

Middle Tennessee Council. It appears that the information was exported from Black Plug. That seemed to work. Thank you all for the help!

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