Error uploading Merit Badges from Summer Camp

I’m attempting to use the Import Merit Badge Advancements feature from the Chrome extension. The CSV file is one that I got from our camp registration site (part of Northern Star Council). I purged out all of the rank advancement records so its just merit badges. When I go to upload it, I get this error, “Sorry, the data you selected precedes 5/31/2017 and cannot be processed” Thoughts?


I suggest downloading the file from Black Pug again and importing it without any changes. It could be when you edited the file leading zeros or other critical characters were removed, thus confusing the extension.

Will having the rank advancement activities in the file cause any problems?

No, it will ignore those lines.

I also wanted to remove a few merit badges were incorrectly marked as completed when the scouts didn’t finish them. I’m assuming I’ll just need to edit those after the import?

Yes, just import the file as-is then make necessary changes after.

Well, the import is working. Odd because all I did was delete rows in the file. Thanks @edavignon

Excel and Google Sheets can both mess up the file if you use them to edit it. It is best not to mess with it or if you must and you know what you are doing, just use a text editor.

Yeah, I know better! :slight_smile:

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