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How to re-purchase advancements?

We have some Cub Scouts who did not receive the advancements (beltloops and patches) that they earned. It appears that the beltloops/patches were purchased as an old PO# appears by them. But for whatever reason they never got awarded to the Scouts and their whereabouts is unknown. How do I go about getting these to appear on a new purchase order?

In order to purchase advancements, you don’t need a purchase order (PO), you need the unit Advancement Report. Adventure belt loops and pins do not require an Advancement Report, so you can just purchase them.

For other items (rank patches?), you could find the old PO in Scoutbook and just print out the Advancement Report again from inside that PO.

I’ve had success simply showing the nice person at the Scout Shop my son’s Scoutbook profile and asking to buy replacements. For the most part, everyone I’ve dealt with at the Scout Shops has been really easy to deal with, though once I did get some grief about not having all the tax-exempt paperwork done to save my Troop some money…

Thanks for the responses. I’ll get the old advancement reports and hope that we have a nice person at the local Scout Shop.

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