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How to track progress for Super/Nova awards

Looking to see how other Supernova mentors and Nova Counselors are using scoutbook. Our pack hasn’t adopted Scoutbook yet, but I think it might be easier for tracking nova awards and scout’s progress.

Are you creating a “den” for those scouts interested in participating, or are you having each scout “connect” with you? Did you require some type of admin approval to be able to approve awards in scoutbook? If a scout is in another pack, did you have to reach out to that pack for admin rights?

I apologize for the ignorance.

Any suggestions on how you have set up your Nova program and have tracked scouts within? Appreciate any feedback.

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Within your own pack, of you are listed on the leader roster and have at least edit advancement connections to the scouts you are counseling, you will be able to mark things complete.

Outside of your unit, the process isn’t that different, but they may need to add you as a mentor/counselor in their unit.

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