Link NOVA Counselors and Mentors like merit badge counselors

I have been asked to be a NOVA counselor for Scouts outside of my own troops. Would it be possible to make the NOVA awards like the merit badges where they can be connected to NOVA counselors and Mentors to approve requirements?


I don’t see why not. Go for it!

This is on the backlog but we do not know if or when the BSA will schedule it for development.


This would be wonderful and it would be great to include SuperNova as well. This would help those Mentors to be able to see exactly what a Scout has earned as far as prerequisites are concerned, and enable them to know which MBs have been previously used for other Nova/STEM/SuperNova awards.

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I am on the STEM Committee for my Council. I used the sign off sheets that St Lous Council created (which are out of date), and updated it to the new requirements. I need to add a few of the newest Novas to it. Anyway, if you want a copy of those sing offs, let me know.
The sign off sheets (four total) have places for the Cub/Webelos/Scout to record what they did and when. It’s not a ‘worksheet’, which I dispise. Rather, it is for record keeping. It gets around the problem of adding a ‘requirement’ and is just a way to make sure everything gets done.

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That would be wonderful. Can we do that via this format or is there a better way?

I’m checking to see if this gets to just you, and even to you.


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David, not too sure how it shows up. But here’s an email drop me an email and then I’ll just delete this message from here once we have contact.