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A parent added the email address of her scout to the scout’s Scoutbook/ account. This was about 2 weeks ago. When I log in I can see her email address there on However, if I go to Scoutbook and select “send message”, the scout is not listed, so the messages aren’t going to her personal address, just her parent, I’m assuming.

SB ID:11265796
BSA ID: 136280597

Is this something you can fix or explain?


The parent needs to go to Edit Extended in the Scouts Profile to Invite the Scout to Scoutbook

Is this in Scoutbook or

In Scoutbook for them to have an account

I’m here working with the parent. When we log onto the parent’s SB account, we click her scout, then we click “edit extended”. This then takes us to a screen that says “please use edit profile to edit scout info”. We go back and click “edit profile” and it takes us to the scout profile page, where I can’t find anything about email address or an option to invite the scout to open a scoutbook account. ??

The e-mail address is already on the Scout’s account in Scoutbook.

The Scout needs to log in to Scoutbook at least once before appearing on the Send Messages list.

Ah ha, that’s the info I needed. Thank you! The Scout just has to create her own SB account then?

Scout already has an account - would be the same one used for or

This means she’s created a SB account for herself at some point? I just need her to log on and essentially reset the system?

This Scout has 2 BSA member ID numbers (MIDs) and also 2 usernames at my.scouting. She also has 2 Scoutbook accounts.

I will work on fixing them.

@KatieDaughenbaugh This is fixed. The Scout has 2 usernames at my.scouting:

  1. firstnamelastname
  2. e-mail address

Which one does she want to keep? We can retire the other one.

  1. email address
    Let’s keep that one.

I will try. The BSA’s system does not always like e-mail addresses as usernames.

Oh then we can totally do firstnamelastname. No big deal. Let’s go with that if we know it will work.

@KatieDaughenbaugh OK, I have retired the username that is her e-mail address.

If the Scout doesn’t remember her password, she can use the chatbot (“Betty”) at my.scouting to reset it.

Thanks. And to confirm, once she logs in, the system should be reset and I’ll see her as being one with an email address on my Scoutbook?

Yes. She might need to log in at my.scouting, first (if she doesn’t remember her password). Then she needs to log in at Scoutbook.

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As a non-parent, though, you’ll see her account in Scoutbook, but not her email address for YPT reasons.

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