How to update multiple Rank Requirements or MB Requirements at once

To Whomever It May Concern,
I think I saw at one point that this can be done, but I cannot figure it out. I need to change/update a scouts rank completion date all at once, the incorrect dates were added. I do not want to click each one and update the date, there are so many. Clicking once and updating the date once would save me 30 minutes at least, Currently I am asking the scout to make these updates because of that. However, if there is an easy “Bulk” way of doing this that would be great.
Also, we sometimes give MB or Rank classes. Is there a way, to go somewhere and do a bulk update for say requirement 1a, and then select 20-30 scouts at once and put in the date, and maybe a comment all at once.
If there is a link that has this information (or 2 links) please reply with them.

Thank you,
Steven Stuart
ScoutMaster - Troop 60

On requirements there is no good way for that - it has to be individual - BUT if overall date is not entered it does not matter - only the Final date matters officially. Look at Local University of Scouting - I am sure Ron does a great Scoutbook class in your Council.

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Yes, Ron is who I was listening to on it.

Requirements are intentional programmed to NOT be overwritten - except one-by-one. On MB’s you MIGHT be able to click on the text of a requirement, enter a new date and apply to multiple requirements - but I have never tried

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