Need to update update committee meeting date on rank advancement

I entered the wrong BOR date for one of my scouts and now I cannot correct it. Any ideas on how I can fix it?

Thanks Mona Rosow
Scoutmaster Troop 3089

@MonaPeterson_Rosow - can you go back into that item clear the date and approval check mark then save ?

In the end all that truly matters is the final approval of the rank itself.

@MonaPeterson_Rosow Are all of the individual requirements marked as completed and approved in Scoutbook?

If so, then try temporarily removing one of the other individual requirements.
Then remove the board of review requirement.
Then remove the overall date of completion (where it says “Earned”, near the top of the rank requirements.
(You might need to remove the “Approved / Recorded” and Awarded" checkboxes first, then click Save. Then remove the date,)

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