How would one change the signature of unit leader on blue card for printing?

Would like to change unit leader for printing blue cards.

Why would it need to be changed?

I am the advancement chair and a Key 3 Delegate. My SM signs the physical blue cards that are presented to him. To reduce the amount of administrative tasks that my SM has to do, I handle approving the blue cards in scoutbook as his delegate. It would be nice if HIS name was on the blue cards created out of scoutbook and not mine. . .

Then have the SM sign them in SB - otherwise do not worry about it as it is rather trivial - the Unit leader can delegate the task to any leader they want to - that is why it is programmed the way it is.

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The only way to change the Unit Leader Signature in SB is to go into the MB, click on the field for the Initial Unit Leader Signature, clear the date, click on the field again (using the Scoutmaster’s account) then set the date again.

The signature printed on the Blue Card is that of the person who marked it signed.

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