Howe to Upload Summer Camp Tentaroo CSV file for Advancement vs Manual Entry

Is it possible to upload a summer camp merit badge completion report to Scoutbook? It is from Tentaroo and a CSV file. One thing is that not every scout has a BSA id number in the CSV so does that mean I will need to manually enter everything?

If uploading a completion report CSV File, how do you verify everything uploaded correctly?

Or is it more trouble than it is worth to upload and verify?

Looking for insight as we had 70 scouts go to summer camp. I have always entered manually in the past, so will probably do that again. However wanted to see if it was an option. Thanks!

Native Scoutbook does not support upload of any 3rd party files. The Feature Assistant Extension can upload a file from Black Pug. There is no support to upload a file from Tentaroo.

You will need to manually enter the data. I recommend using Quick Entry. For complete MBs, don’t bother with requirements, only overall completions. For partials, you can use Quick Entry on a single Scout to enter all completed requirements at one time.


Pro-tip: Sort your CSV by awarded merit badge before doing the quick entry, then you can pick one MB at a time, and flag all the Scouts that earned it at once. That will be MUCH faster than selecting one Scout, then picking all the MBs the Scout earned 70 times. Sadly, I only figured this out with 2 Scouts left in my list :frowning_face:

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And you can also make use of filters in excel… that is a big help as well


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