I am getting an advancement sync error when trying to add Summer Camp Completed Merit badges for a scout

This scout has been in the troop for quite some time. I tried adding Summer Camp Merit Badge to his advancements and got the following error. Assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Scout’s BSA id is 129611785 and SB Id is 4321806

Thank you

@AhmedZaidi how are you trying to add? via upload? Manually?

I tried the blackpug csv upload first. It failed so then I tried manually and got this error.


@AhmedZaidi - the black pug upload requires the feature assistant.

Yes sir… I have that. It successfully uploaded all the other merit badges. Just not for this Scout.


@AhmedZaidi I have requested a position sync for the Scout.

Could you try again?

Works now. Thank you very much for your assistance

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