I have lots of consistency issues between scoutbook and scoutNet re: merit badge counselors

I see lots of issues with Scoutbooks view of merit badge counselors. I regularly download the MBC detail list from Scoutbook as well as the MBC report out of ScoutNET (my.scouting.org). Reconciling these highlights some inconsistencies between the two. They should be identical.

Who can I talk to in order to get these resolved? I don’t wan to post PPI about the individuals in a public forum obviously.

  1. I have one person in the Scoutbook report without a BSA member ID
  2. I have several people who appear in the Scoutbook list but not in the ScoutNET report.
  3. I have several people who appear in the ScoutNET report but not the Scoutbook list.
  4. I have people who appear multiple times in the Scoutbook list.

If you post BSA #s or SC User IDs we can investigate @JamesBrown13

That’s PII and REALLY shouldn’t be posted in public forums, but ok, here you go …

No BSA ID for SB 11601171

Duplicate entry in the SB details download for:
SB 10625732 BSA 4407152
SB 10075920 BSA 130596440

No SB entry for BSA IDs:

No ScoutNET MBC list entry for the following SB entries:
SB 1377488 BSA 137344982
SB 672400 BSA 137507641
SB 10414050 BSA 136515135
SB 588481 BSA 124241666
SB 6382956 BSA 136932282
SB 6590668 BSA 137297880
SB 150710 BSA 113911513
SB 838876 BSA 4532420
SB 1372982 BSA 134364571
SB 110173 BSA 13810431
SB 183096 BSA 12884406

BSA Member IDs by themselves are not PII, they are just random long numbers. This is no different that posting a 9 digit number in the form AAA-BB-CCCC without any other data. This is why we always say to post the BSA Member ID without names.


Not sure what happened here but it is fixed

@JamesBrown13 what do you mean?

Is Scoutbook now exclusively drawing from whatever replaced ScoutNet, or are some councils still using upload files? I wonder if the latter might be part of the cause of the mismatch (e.g. folks who were initially “uploaded” using the Council file upload, but actually have different data in the ScoutNet replacement registration system).

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The third group is a mix of issues - alot seem to be transplants and people in more than one council

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@JamesBrown13 the 4th group seems fine - what is issue there?/


Duplicate entry in the SB details download for:
SB 10625732 BSA 4407152
SB 10075920 BSA 130596440

I mean those BSA IDs appear on two different rows in the exported MBC details file from Scoutbook.

SB 9784262 BSA 4407152
SB 10625732 BSA 4407152

SB 834213 BSA 130596440
SB 10075920 BSA 130596440

SB should under NO circumstances list the same BSA ID on more than one record. This is a trivially simple test on import. Much better than the idiotic “no duplicate email addresses so we’ll replace it with a duplicate email address (changemyemail@scoutbook.com) that matches thousands of records”.

These people appear in the ScoutNET MBC report, but don’t appear in the ScoutBook report. That’s a problem, right? Where are they? Why aren’t they listed in SB???

If national expects districts and councils to use the data from the ScoutNET report then that needs to match what’s in Scoutbook. Otherwise they have no idea what counselors are ACTUALLY registered in their district or council.

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Well users define what their primary MID is on there own, in a few of these situations Member Update change the MID to a new registration in a different state and a new registration. These will be looked at but no immediate way to fix as each one we would need communication with the user

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These people appear in Scoutbook as MBCs but they do not appear in ScoutNET. I see that as HUGE issue. Don’t you? The council wouldn’t know they are MBCs but they are being presented as counselors to Scouts.

First off ScoutNET does not exist. All of those are in AKELA with their merit badges.

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This should never happen because each new upload (or import) completely wipes the current data and replaces it. There are no “deltas” applied. So the very first import should have eliminated any old data.

Sure, fine, call it whatever. I don’t care about meaningless semantics. I care about functionality. ScoutNET/PAS, ScoutNET/AKELA, AKELA, whatever. Pick a name you like. The problem still exists and isn’t being addressed.

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That’s true only if the upload file process is being used. I’m not clear on how the Akela/Scoutbook sync works in terms of correcting erroneous data. For example, we had a MBC who is also a parent and an SM. He had three different BSA IDs which caused all sorts of issues (some MBs attached to his MBC identity, some to his SM…)

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The owner of MID 137265668 is simultaneously registered as an MBC in 2 councils. This means 2 MIDs. He has his other MID set as primary in my.scouting.org and there is no SB account with MID 137265668.

He has 2 choices:

  1. switch the primary MID on his my.scouting.org ID to 137265668 then login to Scoutbook. This will create a new Scoutbook account that we can push positions from Akela. Each time he wants to log into Scoutbook with the other MID, he needs to switch the primary MID in my.scouting.org.
  2. Create a second my.scouting.org ID for MID 137265668 then log in to Scoutbook using this my.scouting.org ID. Again a new account will be created. He will use the appropriate my.scouting.org ID to log in to each SB account.

What I don’t understand is why an MBC is registered in 2 Councils. Any MBC can work with any Scout from any Council. They do not have to be registered in multiple Councils.

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This is what scares me MOST about BSA’s “experts”. We have people who absolutely do not understand information and data security making decisions that could cost BSA millions more in settlements.

ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING, that can be used to identify you is, by definition, PII. That includes your ScoutBook ID or your BSA ID.

@edavignon, you desperately need to educate yourself. This is a SERIOUS legal risk to BSA whether you believe so or not.

Personally Identifiable Information; Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means.

“PII means information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, either alone or when combined with other personal or identifying information that is linked or linkable to a specific individual.”

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You are missing the point entirely. This person is listed in ScoutNET (or whatever) as a MBC and yet DOES NOT SHOW UP IN SCOUTBOOK.

I couldn’t care less where else they are registered or even IF they have a SB or my.scouting registration. It shouldn’t matter. This person should SHOW UP in SB as a MBC in OUR council.

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