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I like the MBC List Last Upload!

This is so helpful! Knowing that my council hasn’t uploaded the list since March means I can stop looking…


Where is this located at?

At the very bottom of any unit page.

Only for the councils that are uploading MBC lists

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Thanks. I think my Council doesn’t load the list, so that is why I don’t see it.

If your council has never uploaded the list, there will be no change to the Council link at the bottom of the My Account page, Unit page or for the Coucnil’s link on the Directory page.

If the Council has uploaded the list, it will say Merit Badge Counselor list uploaded on MM/DD/YY.

Thanks are always welcome here.

My thanks, too! I found it!

As is the thirst for more! Why not have some “positive” way of saying “MBC list not managed by Scoutbook” or something. The people wouldn’t have to ask or wonder. Then a question mark to say what that actually means.

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