I want to contribute to Scoutbook

I’m interested in receiving training on using Scoutbook, and would potentially be interested in helping with administration/moderation where possible. I’m an experienced software engineer and I’m very familiar with web applications, mobile apps, and database management. Technology comes easy to me and I think I could be helpful!

Scoutbook usage has been a challenge for most adults in my unit, district, and council. I’d like to learn how we can help folks utilize Scoutbook more and be able to solve administrative issues efficiently.

help.scoutbook.scouting.org is a good first place to start - many videos on usage and articles on how to solve issues - or a local councils University of Scouting often has Scoutbook classes

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I took the University of Scouting class. I left only knowing a little about how to setup a calendar event. I’d love to be able to educate my leaders knowledgeably and help solve issues for others.

Regarding the videos, is there some kind of recommended learning path with specific videos in order? Or does anyone have a recommendation of that sort?

I don’t know that I could provide a recommended order for everything (there’s a lot of “everything”!), but I put this together for folks looking for some “intro” stuff before:

There are a lot of help and training pages here:

In particular, I’d recommend these for unit scouters getting started with Scoutbook:

and this one for parents getting started with Scoutbook:


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