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Help Getting Started with Scoutbook

How do I help my Pack start using Scoutbook? I am familiar with Scoutbook and have been using it in other units for years. I have been COR, ASM, SM, CM, and MBC at various times - all on the troop level. Usually with Admin access on scoutbook. On the pack level, I have never held a leadership position. Just a parent. Connected to my son only.

We moved about 6 months ago to a totally new council. After a little bit of effort, I got my son’s records and my records transferred to the new council and we are set up in a new pack. I have been asked to be Webelos Den leader. Fine. No problem. New pack is not currently using scoutbook. Feedback is that they like the idea, but no one knows how to set it up. I’m happy to help, but I don’t have access to anything.

I am not a Key 3. I log in to scoutbook and I am connected to my son. I can see that the unit has several dozen scouts listed, but none are connected to me (because I’m not parent nor admin nor one of the Key 3). I can update my son’s records, but no one else’s. I can’t even invite the other leaders (including the Key 3) to join scoutbook.

Question 1: Where are the online training resources to help others start using scoutbook? I thought I remembered there being some helpful introductory training materials in the early days of scoutbook (before BSA bought it), but I can’t find it anymore.

Question 2: What do my fellow leaders need to do to get us set up on scoutbook? Just create a new user profile and then, once it syncs with national to verify positions, it will magically add them to the same unit that I see when I log in to scoutbook? Do I need all of my Key 3 to start using it? Or is it sufficient to have the Cubmaster join and then give me admin privileges? If I had admin, I could invite everyone else and set up all the leaders in their various positions and distribute the boys into their dens. But I can’t do any of that right now. And those who hold the positions that would give them such access don’t know how to do what needs to be done to make everyone’s lives easier.


Hi Marcellus,

There are help documents and videos here:


especially here:


One way to get set up might be to have one of your Key 3 use the Organization Security Manager at my.scouting.org and designate you as a Key 3 Delegate. About 24-48 hours later you should then be a Pack Admin for your pack in Scoutbook.

Another way would be for one of your Key 3 to log in to Scoutbook. They should be able to log in using the same credentials that they use at my.scouting.org, although they might need to use the “Switch SSO Profile” screen in Scoutbook, which is available by going to:

My Dashboard -> Administration -> My Account -> Switch SSO Profile

Once they have access to the pack in Scoutbook (Key 3 should automatically be Pack Admins), they can add you as a leader and they can make you a Pack Admin. When adding adults, they should use Scoutbook’s “Search For Existing User” feature, if they do not see you listed on the Pack Roster. Many adults already have Scoutbook accounts, so it’s mostly just about finding the correct account and adding them to the unit in Scoutbook.

In addition to what Jennifer said, there is no need to invite leaders, they should be able to log in with their my.scouting credentials if they are properly registered.

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