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IA 2.0 advancement approval

There is a lag between recording or approvaing an advancement and being able to see that update on the scout’s profile page. The changes seems to be reflected a few minutes later and this leads us to think that the update did not happen or was not committed to the records. Sometimes refreshing the form will show the newly approved status.

If an advancement is updated in IA then that update should be visible immediately on other IA pages or lists. I’m not talking about an update that would come through any other scouting tool, just working within a single IA session for the same user.


I don’t see this behavior when I do Record Advancement for a scout - it immediately shows on Scouts page. Are you using the import? What steps are you taking?

Hi Donovan, thanks for the reply.

Steps to reproduce:

For a merit badge in the pending approvals list:

Click on check box next to Scout in the roster/activity/pend approvals list and then click “Approve Advancement”.

On the “Approve Advancement” dialog box, click the green “Approve and Finish” button

Click on the scouts name in the roster to pull up their profile and look in the approved tab for the merit badge you just approved. Each time the just approved MB would not be in the approved section of their profile until we either waited for a few minutes or refreshed the browser completely.

We processed several Scouts today and it was consistant that we could not see the just approved MB in the approved section of their profile. If we hit the refresh button in the browser then they would show up or after doing a few more and looking back then the data would show up.

We’re using a 2012 Mac Book Air and the Chrome web browser.


ok the test server is down - I will play with this later

I have played with this and do not see this behavior - but it leads to a question? How are you having things get to the Pending State? Are you using and IA2?

The items in pending state were from summer camp via the Black Pug import tool and SB. The import was a very rough process and we don’t plan to repeat it again next year. Our normal flow will be to use IA 2.0 only, not using SB, to enter completed awards, merit badges, and rank advancements.