Explain Statuses in IA 2.0

Last week, we did an import in IA 2.0 and the awards were automatically imported and moved to the “awarded” status and did not show up on a purchase report. Today, I entered some awards manually, generated the advancement report (PO), but the items still show as “approved” and not “awarded”. How do I move them to the “awarded” Status?

Are you using IA2 and Scoutbook? DON’T - just use Scoutbook.

The thing with the IA2 reports are they seem to close once you look at them one time. You can go back and see them through the reports tab. For Units using just IA2 the Awarded does not matter, as it is just a scoutbook field.

We use TMWEB and IA 2.0. In IA 2.0, under Activity, the older ranks show as “Awarded” and the new ones from today show as “Approved”. I’m not clear why and don’t see any way to change that status.


There was a change today to make the system match IA1 where it did not apply the Awarded Tag as it was messing up things in Scoutbook which is the main database.

IA was never suppose to mark items as awarded. that is a Scoutbook used flag. That was recently fixed so that items cannot be marked as awarded in IA. Awarded is currently a Scoutbook designation. Unless you use Scoutbook, the advancements will remain as approved. This doesn’t affect the Scout’s records though, the advancements still show on the Scouts’ permanent record as earned.

Statuses shown in Internet Advancement:

  • Completed or “Pending Approval” – This means that the youth feels they have completed all requirements. Can be entered with either Scoutbook.com or in the Scouting Mobile App
  • Approved which means “Earned”. Items can be marked as approved by unit leaders through Scoutbook or Internet Advancement.
  • Awarded – Physically awarded to youth (this can be marked using scoutbook.com)

Our full featured advancement tracking system is Scoutbook.com

More information can be found here: https://help.scoutbook.com/knowledge-base/changing-status-from-approved-to-awarded-in-internet-advancement-ia/

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Thanks for the replies. I couldn’t figure out what I’d done differently this week than last week in IA 2.0, but some ranks were “awarded” and some were “approved”. I think we’ve recorded it correctly and all is well. Thanks everyone!

the Awarded thing stopped during this week sometime.
If it is marked Approved you are doing everything right and it is in the official record

FYI this was confusing for our advancement coordinator also. We use Internet Advancements 2.0 only, not Scout Book. If the awarded flag has no meaning for the councils or BSA and it’s a Scout Book only feature, then perhaps the awarded status should not be reflected in IA at all or, there should be a method to set the awarded flag in IA. I’m guessing here but I think that anything we entered via the old IA 1.0 was marked as awarded or there was some other process that use to set this flag as we’ve never used Scout Book and we have several advancements marked as awarded. Eagle I understand as that is only awarded by the council/BSA


We do not currently use Scoutbook so when I am redirected there from myscouting nothing is up to date. I have to print out an advancement report to purchase badges and awards but since few of these are marked as awarded, they all show up on my advancement report ( way back to 2012) and obviously I do not want those on my report to take and purchase the current awards. How do I get this updated?

@KarenBroaderip - are you being redirected to the new internet Advancement page or scoutbook itself. They are two very different things. Perhaps some screenshots may help stripped of scout names.

I log in with my.scouting and then when I click on Internet Advancement 2.0 I am sent to scoutbook.scouting.org. From there I don’t know how to change the merit badges from approved to awarded.

You cannot currently mark things awarded @KarenBroaderip. It is not something you need to worry about

Unless things have changed, in order for me to purchase rank advancements and merit badges at the scout shop they want a printout of an advancement report. When I print out the report, it lists everything that the boys have earned since 2012 and I only need what was entered since our previous COH.

If you have approved things in the system, you can find those reports by clicking the REPORTS link, third down on grey area on left

Donovan, The same issue that KarenBroaderip is having is happening with our reports as well. It is VERY time consuming to have to go back through the report each week and uncheck items that have already been purchased and handed to the scout. For example, there are items that continually are on the report from 2015 for one of our scouts when he earned an adventure as a Bear (he is a 1st class scout now). I guess I am looking for some step by step by instructions on how to take these off of future reports. I am only using IA 2.0 for our troop.

@JenniferOlmsteadjust let them go to a report one time - problem solved