IA Calendar Advancement

I feel like I’ve seen an answer on this or maybe a feature request already but I could be dreaming.

Are there any plans to add the Adventures information in the IA calendar (pictured was imported from Scoutbook)?

This has been a GREAT feature of the Scoutbook Calendar because it allows me to easily plan out the adventures I’m going to cover on that day and allow families to see what we will cover or what we did cover if they missed the meeting.

Additionally, because the adventure is actually attached to a calendar entry (as opposed to just text in the description), when I select an adventure in Scoutbook, I can quickly see that I have it schedule for a meeting and when to begin preparing. This ensures I’ve assigned all of the adventures to a meeting date and planned accordingly.

That is a hang over from Scoutbook Calendar - it will not be in the IA Calendar as the feature only caused confusion for users as they thought it automated advancement


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