Adventures / Planned Advancement Not Working

My calendar from Scoutbook was ported over to IA ok, but I used the adventure/planned advancement section all the time, and while it did copy that to IA, it isn’t editable, nor can I create a new event with that section anywhere in it?

If I recall discussions correctly - since that section did little but get users to complain that it did not mark the advancements complete it was decided to leave it off the new calendar for now.


Yeah it never did mark them for you, I still had to mark completions, but it was a good feature for planning. My assistant leaders found them especially helpfull.

@Chris_H - i dont think they were kept up to date with current reqs though… and we have never used it… not certain how many really used it from when they were added some 8 years ago

Just my luck to use a niche feature so much lol

Yeah, I started using it but none of the scouts (or adults) looked at it. So, I stopped.

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It makes sense that it didn’t automatically mark complete to me. That’s the only way to ensure proper record-keeping for those who don’t show to the meeting or are unable to complete the tasks (if we’re being picky). For what it’s worth, my vote is to allow us to put the adventures into the new calendar. My Scoutbook calendar adventures transferred over to IA and I really like how it looks.

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