IA Calendar - Den Chief no longer able to view pack calendar

My BSA scout is a Den Chief for our local pack. We have no other affiliation with the pack. Both of us were able to view the pack and den calendars in Scoutbook. With the move to Scoutbook Plus IA only our troop calendar is showing. There is no option in “Currently Viewing” to switch the view from our troop to the pack calendar.

Given that there is no change in our access, what is needed now to enable a Den Chief and Den Chief parent to view a pack and den calendars in the new IA calendar?

@MatthewFontana not sure I ever tested that - let me get back to you

There is a story in the backlog that covers this

If they are invited, it will show up on their scoutbook dashboard under events.

Yes, from Scoutbook in MyDashboard you can see the “upcoming events” for the pack. We do not see events for the den.

However, this isn’t helpful. As soon as you click on the event or My Calendar you are sent to Scoutbook Plus IA. Once in that app there is no way to view the pack or den calendars including the detailed event information. You cannot respond or comment either.

First, I agree it’s a bug that the parent and den chief cannot get to the pack calendar. So, anything else I say is just part of the workaround.

My son (a den chief) was able to rsvp for pack and den events from his SB dashboard. Note that I did find that at least once, he had to log into SB+IA after clicking the event from his dashboard which kicked him to his profile info. So, he went back to the SB dashboard (without closing anything) and clicked it again, which took him into the event page.

Thank you for posting, I was going in circles to try and see why I can’t see the pack calendar and no choice to subscribe to it. My son is a Den Chief, we are also no longer getting the automatic emails notifying of events.

Sounds like they need to invite your son to the events.


This is a known issue that Den Chiefs cannot currently see the new Scoutbook calendar. The workaround is for someone to send the Den Chief’s family the ICS link at the bottom of the calendar page. They can then use that to add a subscription to their Google, Apple or other calendar so they can see the events.

@VinceTirri - if you are on the pack side you would not add a den chief to your roster as they are not registered nor would they be registered with the pack.

I would add the den chief to your roster from scoutbook.scouting.org . It can be done by either the pack or troop.

This is incorrect; you must provide the Scouts BSA ID number and last name. It sends an invite link to the Troop to approve the ‘connection’ - the issue is that the email is a garbage link that does nothing.


It is a known issue that Den Chiefs can’t be added to calendar invites in the new calendar. The developers are working on a fix but at this time we cannot say when it might be ready. Watch the Scoutbook - Internet Advancement Change Log - Scouting Forums for an announcement when this is fixed.

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They could always use their handbook and make a manual, written, entry.

Yes, you can add them

That is incorrect. I can take attendance for mine.

Thus eliminating the functionality of the system.

Not sure if you’re providing responses out of sincerity or not with that comment.

You do realize that your Den Chiefs ARE showing up in the system, right? This is the problem I have - mine are not. Not sure if you skipped the original post/comment I made about our issue.

How did you add them? We used to be able to take attendance through the old Scoutbook RSVP/Attendance module, but once it switched over to the new style all of our Den Chiefs (except one oddly) were purged from the Pack and now when we try to add them we get this nonsensical email with a dead link.

I read your posts. My den chiefs are not on my Scoutbook+IA roster. They do appear on the scoutbook side though. Do you not see them on the scoutbook roster either? From the scoutbook pack roster, I have sections for leaders, den chiefs and scouts. Is the den chief section empty? If so, did you click the add den chief button at the bottom of that?

If they were previously listed but no longer are, there are two possibilities:

  1. Someone in the troop ended their positions.
  2. Their membership lapsed which also ended all of their positions.

ETA our den chiefs actually do appear on the SB+IA roster. I didn’t realize that. So, I apologize for that misdirect. However, the guidance is still the same to focus on the scoutbook roster add den chief button.