IA Calendar Displays times in UTC when the URL is on a webpage

My troop displays their Scoutbook Calendar on their Troop Web Page: it makes it easier for parents to know when events are, as most never look in Scoutbook. I recently changed the .ics URL from the Scoutbook Calendar URL to the IA Calendar and despite having the correct time zone the URL populates dates in UTC - so our 6:30PM meeting displays at 1130PM. This basically renders it useless. I have gone back to the .ics for Scoutbook to avoid confusion.

@ChristopherCamacho - are you looking at it when in edit mode ? Or from the website itself. Ours shows correctly

That is from our website with the subscription linked to our g-cal

@ChristopherCamacho - what is your web site… ours is at scouting33.org with links to the unit pages

I am looking at it from our website. Troop230.net. I had to switch it back to using Scoutbook ics link so parents didn’t get confused.

@ChristopherCamacho - well it is pulling from the same database.

Could you try subscribing to the IA calendar from your personal device and see if it displays correctly?

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Displays fine on an iOS device.

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@ChristopherCamacho - ok… that brings us to how the calendar is inserted into the website.

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@ChristopherCamacho - was this what you were following:

The IA calendar would have to be linked to the google public calendar and a google calendar when in edit more on a website will show times in UTC… I know because that is what I see when I edit our unit websites.

This shows the issue is likely with the website and how it is determining timezone.

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