IA Change Log on Unit Activities making Scoutbook entries

Continuing the discussion from August 11, 2022 - Internet Advancement Change Log:

@WilliamNelson Can we have more details around how this works?

I wanted to see how this works. I created an event for tomorrow to Sunday. It saved in IA. I don’t see it in Scoutbook.

Is this only for past events? Does this mean we will have double entries? What about RSVPs etc?

@WilliamNelson - there is no way to delete the event in IA nor is there a way to remove participants. Additionaly, a click on an adult or youth in the roster generates an error.

This is in reference to the new calendar features which have not been released yet. I have removed it from the change log since you cannot see this functionality yet.

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So what was @Stephen_Hornak seeing if the feature hasn’t been pushed yet? Is it a different new bug?

@WilliamNelson , @CharleyHamilton - this is a new bug… no access to members on the roster nor any way to delete a newly entered activity/event nor delete or add participants. Thankfully I named it Test and just 1 day of camping as that can not even be changed.

UPDATE - I am able to edit the event participants by going to the person in the roster (Which now works) but there is still no nights/days entry

There was some odd fine print that said all future events will have zero nights / days, if I recall.

@Matt.Johnson - that seems odd… not sure how that will work out for OA, etc

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