IA Calendar Invitee - Den Chiefs missing

I created a new event (campout) and invited all youth plus required leaders. I can see all invitees (44 people) in the standard event (38 youth, 3 den chiefs, and 3 leaders) - see screenshot 1 below).

When I click ‘edit event’, I see only 41 invitees (38 youth, 3 adults), as the 3 Den Chiefs are missing, thus I cannot modify the RSVP for the Den Chiefs.

My preference would be to have the Den Chiefs listed with Youth, as they are members of our troop, but we need the Den Chiefs listed in the EDIT EVENT mode one way or another so we can update their RSVP. Thank you!

@AaronGjerde - den chief is really only applicable in a pack setting

@AaronGjerde I brought this issue up a few days ago to developers

I agree @Stephen_Hornak. The problem is that we have 3 scouts in our troop with Den Chief positions and these three scouts do not show up as invitees when editing an event, but they are actually invited to said event.

For the reason you state, my preference would be to remove the category callout for Den Chiefs in Troop events and ensure that troop members who are den chiefs show up properly as invitees on all screens (I can see why a Pack would want the separate category).

Thank you @DonovanMcNeil !!

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