New Event requiring at least two active leaders

I am trying to add den meetings, and earlier in the week had no issues. Today when I save a pop up window opens with the error message:

Invitees: Please invite at least two active leaders

I can only see myself as Den leader, parents, and scouts. I was going to try and invite the Cubmaster, but don’t have that option.

We are a Tiger den, so my understanding is that an adult has to accompany each scout, would that not cover any two deep leader requirements? Can other leaders from the Pack count, or do we need to register an Assistant Den leader?

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I will report this to the developers.

As a workaround, a unit admin can add the CM or another leader in your unit as a den admin. At that point you will be able to select 2 leaders.

This change is part of the opt out feature that was added. To ensure no Scout receives an e-mail that does not have at least 2 adults on copy, all calendar events now require 2 leaders to be selected.

Thanks for the quick response. I will pass that along and see if it works.

It appears there is a bug in the check for 2 adults in that it is not allowing parents to be selected. I am discussing this with the developers.


It does create an interesting issue for patrols especially if there is not an adult leader assigned to the patrol.

@edavignon I’m glad the developers are looking into this. As a former Lion and now Tiger Den Leader, this would be a huge roadblock to using calendars. I always invited all parents since they are supposed to accompany this age group. I hope they can figure the fix so parents count in the required adults.

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I may have figured it out. There is an option to add leaders to the den, and one of the option is Tiger Adult Partner. There is also a Lion Adult Partner. Once I set one of the parents with that leadership role, I was able to invite them to the event as a second active leader, and it let me save my event. I will give all the parents that role, and I think the problem will be solved, at least for me. I could not connect the Cubmaster, but I may not have the needed permissions as Den leader and Den Admin.

I don’t know how this will work for ranks other that Lion and Tiger. I don’t see an option for Adult Partner for other ranks, so I guess someone would have to be designated Assistant Den Leader.

I add my merit badge counseling sessions to the Troop Calendar and an additional leader is not required since I request all scouts to be accompanied by an adult and all meetings are in a public place. Now I can not add to the calendar.

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This is really a big problem, and should be a high priority fix. Dens, especially those that are Wolf to AOL do not require a 2nd leader.

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Thank you for any help on this! I have a den calendar planning meeting each day this week to get each den to use scoutbook calendars. I am trying to show them how easy it is and this isn’t going to prove my point …lol


Since October 1, 2018 every Scouting activity, including a Merit Badge Counselor meeting with Scouts requires 2 registered leaders over the age of 21. The only exception is if a Merit Badge Counselor is meeting with a Scout, in which case the Scout’s parent/guardian can serve as the second adult. A Merit Badge event with multiple Scouts requires a second registered leader over the age of 21, even if every Scout’s parent/guardian is present.

There is an issue with the recent calendar updates. It is should be checking to see if there are 2 adults invited to the event, not only 2 leaders. The developers are looking into the issue.



The developers are looking into the issue. The workaround we recommend today is to add the Den Admin role to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair (even if they are unit admins) so that they may be added to calendar invitations.

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I use scoutbook in this instance to advertise that I am available for one on one sessions. I provide a link to the troops signup genius page for the scouts to choose an available slot. The signup asks for the scout to bring an adult with them.

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I am CC and can’t add anyone else either. My husband is our Weblos DL and right now we only have him as DL so I can’t even create his Den calendar until this is resolved. The only work around I found is adding another Den then not inviting anyone but the DL, but then our event shows up on that Den’s calendar…

If all Parents are invited to the event then why require 2 Leaders?

The fix for this has been tested and approved for release. It will be included in an upcoming Scoutbook update. Watch the Scoutbook Change Log for an announcement.

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