IA Calendar lacks the ability to subscribe which is available in Scoutbook

Good point. It looks like you or someone changed those URLs already for this reason which is fine.

Where can I view an individual den calendar, and where/how can I find the subscription link?

@ChristopherSchuler on Calendar page at top there are Filters. The links to the ICS files (which are being worked on) are at the bottom of the page

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Follow up… We have always completed advancement through scoutbook. Is internet advancement replacing scoutbook? I’m looking for clarity on each system and which we should be putting our time in to. I’m a den leader and use DLE daily. Scoutbook was for event creation and advancement inputting.


I actually came here to post about this. The calendar subscription URLs are publicly accessible and the identifiers used are trivially easy to guess or enumerate. For instance, mine is:


I’m not sure if calendar events are considered sensitive information (I think they are), but I would think that the URL should either be authenticated or include an identifier (eg. a 128-bit UUID) that is not easily guessable.

I get the same error using Apple calendar. Google seems to work fine, but that is not my preferred tool.

I was finally successfully able to subscribe but only using Google Calendar. Even then, the event details are missing and it only shows the event title, date, time and location but NOT the text of the event details.

Using Mac calendar to subscribe results in an error:

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 8.52.05 AM

In the long term, IA2 is replacing Scoutbook as the interface to the advancement database, based on what’s been disclosed by BSA (via SUAC). Since both are writing to the same database, it’s (in theory) only a interface change for us as end-users. Anything input via Scoutbook should be visible in the IA2 interface, which can already be used for entering much of the advancement information and into which the activity logs were ported quite some time ago, now.

It’s unclear what’s going to happen with DLE, as no specific information has been published one way or the other (that I’ve seen). However, in principle, DLE is writing to the same calendar and advancement databases, so one could reasonably infer that anything input via DLE would remain available after any switch to IA2 as the front-end (again, assuming DLE as an interface were to go away, which isn’t clear is happening).

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@CharleyHamilton very helpful, thanks.

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