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IA2.0 entry has not synced to PAS/Scoutnet in 3 days

I entered 3 merit badges on 7/23/2019 for a Scout that needed them reported, so the Council registrar could verify his Eagle application. I expected a 1 or 2 day “sync” delay from IA2.0 to PAS. However, now it’s been THREE days since I entered them. My council registrar reported to me an hour ago, that the 3 badges are still missing from her viewpoint. I do NOT use Scoutbook, thus why I used IA2.0 What’s next? The registrar can manually enter them, but if these 3 badges won’t sync, what’s gonna happen tomorrow, when I upload my text file from Troopmaster with the 180+ badges from summer camp?

I do see the badges in my report on IA2.0
Should I raise a case? Or will posting here, get someone’s attention?

I’ll check with the developers.

Also, please send an e-mail to with details of the issue including the Scout’s name and BSA member ID.

How are you checking PAS?

I am not checking it, the Council Registrar is checking it by calling up the Scout’s advancement to see what badges have been reported. The Registrar has checked twice, on 7/24, and twice on 7/25, and once again this morning on 7/26

ok, thanks, just wondering. Just make sure you put in the details in the ticket

Email has been created and sent to requested address. @WilliamNelson I copied you and the Council Registrar. Thanks

Your council reports they can see the badges.
This should now be resolved.


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