I'm receiving a Warning: another user is using the same email address

Someone tried to connect me (as a merit badge counselor) to a youth in their unit that I will be working with. Apparently that resulted in a new account created for me. It’s very possible that they searched for “Howard Chalmers” and could not find me, since I’m listed as James Chalmers (Howard is my middle name). Can you check into it?
Howard Chalmers (James Howard Chalmers III)

You had 2 accounts and you logged into both today - your username not your email is your log in

I understand. But y’all apparently created the one with the email address (or it got created when someone searched for me). Here is the text of the email I received (email addresses, etc., redacted):

Hi howard,

PARENT’S NAME (**email address) is using Scoutbook to track SCOUT’S NAME advancement in Scouts.

He just created an account for you so both of you can view and edit his progress.

"A Scoutbook account has been created for you to connect with your Scout. Please let me know if you have any questions. LEADER’s NAME, Leader’s email address*****

PARENT’s NAME (parent’s email address*)

Your Account Has Been Setup

Scoutbook is an exciting new web app that works in all browers but is specifically designed for mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets.

Visit scoutbook.scouting.org and login using the information below

Login using your my.Scouting Username: my email address as my user name, which is wrong
Password: *********

Learn More and Login Now

We did not - a unit did that.

I am having the same issue. Logged in earlier for the first time ever earlier today and I saved my login information. When I just logged in for the second time ever, just now, the warning appeared.

@TimothyHoran your unit had made you an account and connected your scout - I merged them for you

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I get it - I just meant that “a new account was created for me”.

Were you able to merge them so that I can see the connection to the scout?

yes it is cleaned up @JamesChalmers

Thanks - I appreciate the rapid turn around!


I am also having the warning that another user is using the same email address. Can you merge them so there is only one of me connected to my kids? Candy Cantin

@CandyCantin that is fixed

Thank you for your quick response!!

I am also having the same warning about another user using my email address. Could you fix that for me as well?

@AnnLecaque that is fixed

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@DonovanMcNeil I recently found the “another user is using the same email” warning on Scoutbook. Could you check it for me.

Hi, I also have this warning. Can you please check on it?


I’ll look into this for you.


Your e-mail address was on your daughter’s Scoutbook account. I have removed it.


You have 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.