Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address warning

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I’ve got a new Scout parent experiencing “Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address.” The Scout’s BSA ID is 14409914 (Scoutbook ID 12575867). The parent’s initials are ES. Could from the SUAC find a way to merge her Scoutbook accounts and let me know why this might have happened?

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John Stoneham

Hi there John,

I have the exact same problem! SB User ID: 12473669 BSA Member ID: 14277937, initials of PF. Can’t wait to hear the answers! And welcome to the forum!

I will look into these

@JohnStoneham This is fixed

@TrishaCheek I will send you a private message.

What it frequently means is that the parent’s e-mail address has also been applied to the Scoutbook account of another family member (usually a child, but sometimes a spouse) as part of an automated process. Sometimes, it is an indicator that the parent might have a duplicate Scoutbook account.

Jennifer, I have a parent with this warning also. He msgd me “Yeah, I have an account set up. Two, actually. It gives me a warning message that there are two accounts linked to my email. I think I inadvertently created a second one when I clicked your link. My member ID# is 14284436”. The child’s member number is 1428442. Can you get Dad’s accounts merged & connected to Cub Scout? Thanks!

@VivianNichol This should be fixed.

My name is Abigail smith. I also have the change my email address when I log in. I am attached to my grandsons troop account and he was in scout book as a cub. Can these be merged as one so we can see his whole scoring experience from start to finish. His name is (name removed by Moderator). Thank you


Scoutbook doesn’t display advancement for all programs (e.g. Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA) at once. It only displays the program(s) in which the scout is currently registered. For example, I can alternate between displaying my son’s Scouts BSA advancement and his Venturing advancement because he’s currently registered in both a troop and a crew. However, I can’t display both at once, nor can I display his Cub Scouts advancement/awards.

If you are connected to your grandson’s account as a parent/guardian, try pulling up a Cub Scout History report by going to:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Family → Scout’s Name → Reports → Cub Scout History Report

It’s not pretty, but it should show the information. If it doesn’t, that probably means your grandson has more than one Scoutbook account. The SUAC folks might be able to help track the others down if that is the case.

ETA: Here’s a post with some of the more popular getting started with Scoutbook help pages in case they would be useful to you: Caution ⚠️ tags on everyone - #15 by CharleyHamilton

Hi there, I am also having this warning and would love some help. Not sure it’s truly affecting my access and navigation but I get confused at times as to why I seem to have 2 different Member ID. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advanced!

Ooh…thank you so much

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@AbigailSmith1 This is fixed. You might need to log out of Scoutbook, and then log back in for the error message to go away.

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137432301 - Lion Den Leader registration
13926374 - Tiger Adult Partner registration

Somehow BSA member number 137432301 has no date of birth. You will need to contact your local council and ask them to add your date of birth and also to combine your registrations under a single number. After this happens, we can merge your Scoutbook accounts.

I’m having the same issue.

Parent’s initials: JG
SB User ID: 12532201
BSA Member ID: 100209348

I am also getting the following warning on my dashboard.

"Warning, another user is using the same e-mail address. If this is unexpected, contact your local council or post to the Using Scoutbook Forum

SB User ID: 12526451
BSA Member ID: 14357622

Thank you!

I have a similar issue in that a parent has two accounts, one that is not complete (notably missing parent DOB) but it is linked to the scout ( BSA Member ID:14401212) and another (BSA Member ID: 14401162) that has the parent’s correct personal information, but not linked to the scout. Both accounts have the same email address. When the parent signs in, they are only able to access the one not linked to anyone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

@NathanaelThompson This should be fixed.

Same error newly showing up here.

@Wheelie fixed this

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