Warning about another user using my email

Hi! I have a warning on my account that another account is using my email. My Scoutbook Account is 878544 and MID is 6492296 which match my registrations in my,scouting.

Thank you for your help!

@PatriciaWallace This should be fixed.

Please log all the way out, then log back in.

Thank you

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I have had this same message for a long time now. My Council didn’t know the cause. My Scoutbook account is 8517735 and MID is 12924988, would you be able to check my account as well?

Thank you

@AlainaWillson There is another user with initials “M.M.” using the same e-mail address.

Would you like us to remove your e-mail address from that other user?

Yes please. I dont know anyone with those initials that I would have use my email.

@AlainaWillson This should be fixed.

I have the same issue
SB User ID:

BSA Member ID:

@RebekahMcCoy Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

Thank you! This was really helpful

Hello, I just logged into Scoutbook and got the message that another was using the same email address as me. I just registered my Grandson into cub scouts and I think the cubmaster created a new profile for me in error. I am the Scoutmaster of our local troop, so it should be all under the same account.

SB #1982176 & BSA Member #128220788

Any help is appreciated.

@JenniferMatheson I am checking.

@JenniferMatheson Your Scoutbook accounts have been merged.

I have the same message please help.
MID 137426413
PREVIOUS MID 127883438

@JessicaSmith14 Your previous MID was deleted and no longer exists.

Your e-mail address is also on your Scout’s Scoutbook account. We can remove it for you, if you would like.

Hi there! I am the new Commitee Chair for my Pack, and I have a user with two accounts. She receives the error message warning that there are two accounts associated with her email address. Can you please assist?

SB # 13518601
BSA # 14917375

No thank you, that is fine.

@KellyMusselman1 The parent and her Scout both have her e-mail address on their Scoutbook accounts. She does not have a duplicate account.

The parent’s BSA member ID number is:

The Scout’s BSA member ID number is:

I have the same issue of two accounts. Can they be merged. I can not connect with my son to invite home because of the two accounts.

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This is my active account.

Thanks for the help.

@SamuelCreighton I have merged your Scoutbook accounts.