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Import Positions of Responsibility in to Scoutbook

I would like to import all scout leadership into Scoutbook from our Troop software. I sew where we can import Advancements and logs, but not positions of leadership. Any help would be appreciated.

All Positions of Responsibility that apply to rank, plus others recognized by the BSA are in Scoutbook. What do you believe is missing?

I think they are talking about PORs as applied to a Scout. I do not believe there is a way to import those


Sorry, I misunderstood your request. The first question is, does your current software export positions of advancement? Without an export function, it is impossible for Scoutbook to import the data.

Correct. We use Troop WebHost and I have all scout leadership entered and it exports to a csv file, similar to the Advancement and logs. However, Scoutbook does not offer the ability to import the scout leadership. It would save me a lot of data entry, if I could just import the scout leadership csv file.

I can export to a csv file, but Scoutbook doesn’t let me import it.


I can add this to the backlog but I suspect you will be long finished manually entering the data before we see such a feature.

I recommend using the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome and Firefox. One feature is the ability to quickly add Scout leadership positions. See Feature Assistant - What is it? for more details.

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Yes, I have been using the google add-on quick entry.

The only problem with entering back dates is that it locks the scout to the current patrol they are in and when dates are entered, it lists them in their current patrol and does not let me enter the patrol they served in for the past position. Any help? or ideas?

The only way to add positions for a previous patrol, and have that patrol listed, is to move the Scout to that patrol, add the leadership position, then move them back to the current patrol.

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I have added items to the backlog to allow units to enter a sub-unit name when an end date is included and to support an import file. At this time I do not know if or when this will be scheduled for development but I would not expect to see it in the foreseeable future.

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