Youth Leadership Positions Listed Are Gone

The youth leadership positions for all of our troop members are missing. I have run reports and looked under the tab Leadership, however, they are not there and neither are the green lines and the days showing how long the scout has had that advancement. Where do I go or who do I contact for this information to be reinstated. The records for hiking, service hours, and the cub records are missing data as well.

post a BSA # here of a Scout and we can take a look

Want to make sure I send you what you need. You want the Troop number 447 or do you want the member ID?

BSA member numbers for 2-3 of the Scouts would work.

Jaydon 129808878
Samuel 132784776
Simon 135232553
Sydni 129808906

I cannot see the past leadership roles these scouts had and it is not listed. I do have full access to all scouts in the troop. In fact, for some reason, I have two records. I attempted to attach a pic of what I see. I am not sure what you can see and what you cannot.

it looks like this unit started actively using Scoutbook in 2018 - are you looking for leadership roles before that or after that - if before they are obviously not in the system as the unit was not using it. If after give a specific example please.

I am looking for the leadership roles the scouts have had since they have been using Scoutbook. They were there because I entered them and now they have disappeared. My son, Samuel, had past positions of SPL, ASPL, Quartermaster, etc., and now, nothing. I finally found where the hiking and camping had moved and I need to look at those numbers, put the positions, not there.

@HannahJessup - did you state that you have two scoutbook or bsa id’s ? That certainly can be in play with your issue.

I have two scoutbook accouts apparently. Not two BSA IDs.

@HannahJessup - ok… I think posting that information will be helpful as well. Unless it can be found by the SUAC team.

MMM… I am not quite sure what you want me to do when you say “posting”. Are you saying that the system has lost the information and it cannot be retrieved and I have to recreate it?

Next question… who is the SUAC team?

@HannahJessup - what I meant was to provide your scoutbook id in this thread. The SUAC or Scoutbook User Advisory Council are volunteers who assist users, two of which responded in this thread.

Thank you. My BSA ID is 2149144

SUAC - This most likely should be moved to using scoutbook and posting to return to view as the multiple accounts could be the issue.

The developers looked at the database and in the logs. They cannot find any evidence that there were prior leadership positions or that prior leadership positions were deleted.

That is really strange because I put all of my son’s in the system as well as some of the other scouts. So what do I do now, try to recreate and re-enter the positions of SLP, ASPL, etc.,?

That is the best thing we can suggest since there is no record in the DB of them being there.

@HannahJessup - so there it is… having built many sql database servers and clusters the default setting on logging is a transactional history. There being no history would imply that no transaction occurred in the sector that holds your unit.


Scoutbook should be used by the youth as an electronic back up of their handbook. Everything should be in the Scout’s handbooks.

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Hannah, I don’t know if this applies to leadership, but even though parents can provide advancement information, it’s not official until a qualified leader approves it. If you are entering leadership info as a parent, you might check with a Scoutbook admin to see if they need to accept your input in order for it to become part of the scout record. Just a thought.

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