Internet Advancement 2.0 Import File Formats/Scoutbook Import

  • Do you publish the format of the input files for IA2.0? If so, where can I find them?
  • If we do not publish that format is there some mechanism in Scoutbook that I can import advancements?

I am a data engineer and can format data into any format including a pipe delimited format which I believe IA uses but I cannot find what advancements IA will receive? Is that just advancements, merit badges, merit badge requirements?

My use case is that I have 300 merit badges to input from a summer camp and would prefer not to do that by hand. Thanks for any guides, references or tips.

@BradSjue - the import file is given to third party unit management providers and not individuals. Internet Advancement is ONLY concerned with final completed ranks, awards and merit badges and not partials or requirements done.

If the camp Uses Black Pug - you can use the Feature Extension to Import the Black Pug File

Thanks @DonovanMcNeil and @Stephen_Hornak. By hand it is then.

Even if it is not BlackPug, you could format the file as if it came from BlackPug. Then use the Feature Extension to import your “faked” BlackPug file.

Thanks @Matt.Johnson. I have been unsuccessful in finding the format for the BlackPug file. Do you happen to know what the format is or could you email me a file?

@BradSjue BlackPug is comma delimited - the issue is knowing exactly all the various award names that are used - I will direct message you a copy

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@DonovanMcNeil I am in the same boat as BradSjue. Can you send me the same information?

We got an exported file from scoutbook from our summer camp. We are having problems importing the file.

@ChadWalker1 if it is a Blackpug export you need the Feature Assistant Extension (adds features to Scoutbook) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base to import it

@ChadWalker1 that user is fixed

@DonovanMcNeil It looks like she is connected to both. 118 it the primary. When she tries to switch the 576 id to primary she gets this message. Failed to update membership. Reason: Person GUID is empty

The 576 id has her YPT connected to it.

@ChadWalker1 118 is primary as that is her registration - all her training is now merged to both accounts